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Tinet Ruch

Tinet Ruch Tinet Ruch, born in 1995 in the canton of Zürich, had his first harp lessons at the age of six with Jaël Bertschinger. Not only was he fascinated with classical music, but equally with jazz, the harmonic basics of which he taught himself on the piano from the age of ten years, later adapting it onto the harp. With Andrea Brunner, he learnt a repertoire covering the classical up to the modern era as well as improvisation. Since 2018, he has been part of numerous projects of UO Polyphonia Zurich. These included especially soloistic performances, like in 2019 with the harp concert by Camille Saint-Saëns or in spring 2021 with the harp quintet by Evgeny Golubev. In 2021, he changed to the double bass section of UO Polyphonia Zurich. Up to today, he has been taking lessons with Heike Schäfer.

Aside of his musical activities in UO Polyphonia Zurich, he played on the harp in various other ensembles, such as a wind orchestra, a Jazz quartet, in chamber music and other symphonic orchestras. Today, he takes part of multiple musical projects, be it as a double bassist or as a harpist. His current involvements include e.g. the Orchester d’Engiadina or the musical accompaniment of fairytales for children as part of the exhibition focusTerra.

Tinet Ruch has been president of the UO Polyphonia Zurich since 2019. He is a PhD student in civil engineering at ETH Zürich with focus on geomechanics.

Last updated: January 2023