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Info for people interested in joining Polyphonia

If you are interested in joining Polyphonia, you might first want to take a look at the programme of the upcoming project and the rehearsal plan.

Depending on which instrument you play, you will be invited to a quartet evening, where you will be playing excerpts form the current programme together with the section leaders of the orchestra. This allows you to get a feel for playing in our orchestra and to get to know us! If you are playing the violin we will also use this to assign you to first or second violin. This usually takes place on the first Tuesday of the semester in the evening.

During the semester, we rehearse every Wednesday from 6pm to 9pm. Not all instruments need to be present during all rehearsals. This applies to you if you play e.g. a brass instrument or percussion. Check the rehearsal plan for details (it may not be very detailed right now, but it will be updated as the project progresses).

If you are interested in joining us, you can write us an email, we are excited to hear from you!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!



Postal address

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we will not be able to regularly check our postbox. Please send us an email instead of a letter if possible.

Universitätsorchester Polyphonia Zürich
Rämistrasse 62
8001 Zürich