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University Orchestra Polyphonia Zürich

Winter Concerts 2021: Female Greats

We are looking forward to be able to rehearse as a symphony orchestra again after a long time. For the upcoming project we are putting together a programme of works by female composers. For this Project we are still looking for 1st violins, viola and double bass. We also accept other instruments if possible. If you are interested to join the orchestra for the autumn semester, you can find further information here. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Upcoming Projects

Spring Semester 2022
Frühlingsball in collaboration with Polyband and Tanzquotient!
Autumn Semester 2022
Anniversary project: Concert performance of the third act from the opera «La Bohème» by Puccini at the Tonhalle Zurich with 4 professional singers.

Retrospective of the last two semesters

About Us

The University Orchestra Polyphonia Zürich is a symphony orchestra consisting of students, employees and alumni of the ETH Zürich and the University of Zürich. During each study semester we rehearse some pieces of classical orchestral literature and present them in our concert at the end of the semester.

During the semester, we rehearse every Wednesday from 6pm to 9pm. You can find the exact rehearsal plan here.