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Rehearsal Schedule Spring 2022

See also the list below for extra sectional rehearsals.

Date Room Comment
Wed. 23.02.22 RAA-G-01 Reading Rehearsal, Tutti
Wed. 02.03.22 RAA-G-01 Strings, Woodwinds, Horns
Wed. 09.03.22 RAA-G-01 Strings only
Tue. 15.03.22 KAB-G-01 Woodwinds, Horns, from 19:00
Wed. 16.03.22 KAB-G-01 Tutti
Wed. 23.03.22 KAB-G-01 Tutti, from now including percussion
Wed. 30.03.22 RAA-G-01 Strings, woodwinds, horns
Wed. 06.04.22 RAA-G-01 Tutti
Wed. 13.04.22 RAA-G-01 Tutti
Wed. 20.04.22 Spring Break no rehearsal
Wed. 27.04.22 KAB-G-01 Tutti
Sun. 01.05.22 RAA-G-01 ca. 9:00-17:00, Rehearsal Sunday, Tutti
Wed. 04.05.22 RAA-G-01 Dress Rehearsal, Tutti
Sat. 07.05.22 Theater Spirgarten Zürcher Frühlingsball
20:00, Preparations & Rehersal from ca. 17:30
Wed. 11.05.22 KAB-G-01 Tutti
Sun. 15.05.22 RAA-G-01 ca. 9:00-17:00, Rehearsal Sunday, Tutti
Wed. 18.05.22 KAB-G-01 Dress Rehearsal, Tutti
Fri. 20.05.22 KOL-G-201 (UZH KOL-Aula) Concert, 19:30, Preparations & Rehearsal from 17:00
Wed. 25.05.22 tbd General Assembly from 20:00

If no other time is specified, the rehearsals will take place 18:00-21:00. (18:00 Set-up/Tuning, 18:15 beginning of rehearsal)

Please consider our Protection Concept. According to the cancellation of measures against Covid-19, no certificates are necessary anymore to join our rehearsals.

Sectional Rehearsals