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Protection Concept for Orchestra Rehearsals in HS20

Hand Hygiene
Please always disinfect your hands before entering the aki or other rehearsal venues.

Social Distancing
Please try to always maintain the physical distance of 1.5m to other people.

One Person per Desk
To maintain the physical distance, every person uses a desk for themselves.

Music stands
Music stands have to be disinfected after every rehearsal.

Masks are mandatory at any time. Please bring one on your own.

Symptoms and Absences
If you experience any signs of illness (especially COVID-19 symptoms like sore throat, coughing, loss of taste, pain in the limbs etc.), do not come to the rehearsals. Don’t worry: The board will be tolerant in terms of absences regarding health.

Unpacking of Instruments
Please unpack your instrument at your desk and leave the instrument case below your chair. Larger instruments (cello, double bass, harp...) may be unpacked in the hallway.

Wind Players – Condensation
Please collect condensation water using a towel, old newspaper or any absorbing medium and dispose of it after the rehearsal.

At least three windows are open at any time, if the outside temperature allows it. Please bring something warm to wear in case we need to place you next to an open window. In the current project, noise emissions are not expected to be high and rehearsals do not finish later than 21:00. In addition, breaks will be held approximately every 30 min to provide opportunities for air exchange.

Contact Tracing
Please always contact Julian (proben@polyphonia.ch) if you are not coming to a rehearsal, so we can keep track of who is present. We also recommend to install and activate the SwissCovid App if this is possible on your phone.

Sanitary Facilities
When rehearsing in aki Saal 1+2, please only use the toilets on the first and the second floor.

Last updated 13.09.2020